Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am diametrically opposed to most everything Republicans believe.  Because of that, they would label me anti-American, unpatriotic, not worthy of having representation in government by those who believe as I do.  They insist that their beliefs are the only true beliefs and those who do not embrace their view of government, religion or the world are socialists, communists, anarchists, atheists and any other "ists" they can throw into the mix.  They rail against everything I believe and insist I live my life as they would dictate. And so, I have come to not merely dislike them, but they have fostered a seething hatred of them and their view of me.  They have invaded the media with their virulent mouthings backed by little or no intelligence and a totally misguided view of life.

This deep hatred of all things different (religion, skin color, sexual orientation, political bent, etc) is shared by most Republicans and TP's (not all*.) (*There are actually some Republicans I have a great deal of respect for but they are few and far between.)  They have declared war on people of color, Hispanics, the poor, the middle class, the children, the elderly,  the sick and women.  They seek to monetarily enhance the corporations, the rich (read that as rich White people), their own politicians, and Big Pharma; to protect the military so we can muscle our way into other countries FOR NO REASON (unless they have oil), gun-toting lunatics, race-baiting nuts, fact-twisting megalomaniacal, vicious, contemptible talking heads masquerading as news people, etc. 

My beliefs as a liberal are no less important than they think their conservative views are.  They label a liberal-sponsored agenda with the most pejorative words simply because they don't agree with those ideas. The viciousness exhibited by Republicans and the like during the last election cycle and, indeed, from as soon as Barack Obama was elected was so blatant, it really made this country look like a second class nation.   So then, I contend that a conservative-sponsored agenda would bring this country down to its knees. If the Republicans get their way, it will be business as usual:  they will have their hands out to corporations, lobbyists, the rich, etc. They will tell you what you can and cannot do in the privacy of your own home, how to worship (They keep saying this is a Christian nation), they will rewrite history to suit their narrow view of life.

As a liberal, I believe in helping the downtrodden, the poor and the sick; in educating our young people (not depleting education funding),  protecting our shores, protecting our environment, health care for everyone, keeping religion as a private affair and out of the public domain, in having tolerance, showing empathy and sensitivity, acting with kindness and concern toward all living things, in personal freedom, in the Dream Act, repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, job creation, no discrimination, etc.  Republicans simply don't.  Shame on them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Democrats did a lot of good

Even though the Democrats did not do well in the mid-term elections, they did a lot of good for the country.  A lot of ordinary, uninsured Americans will be guaranteed some kind of health care security they did not have before.  "If you have your health you have everything" will mean a lot more, except, of course, here in Arizona where the legislature cut off funding for life-saving transplants.  And even the TARP bailout, nasty as it seemed, averted another depression reminiscent of 1929.  They provided money so that families could be there when their fallen soldiers returned to US soil; provided more money for Veterans' Affairs to improve services;  ended Bush era "enhanced interrogation methods"; tax cuts for small business, etc.  The list goes on and on.  The Democrats and even some Republicans had to do some very unpopular stuff, also, in order to avert a complete collapse of the economy.  But voters just didn't see it that way.  Too dense, maybe?  Just not informed enough to understand?  Easier to listen to biting, untrue sound bites and think those were the salient points?  Yes, all of those.

And now, the Republicans want less government subsidies, except when it comes to farms, corporations, Medicare, etc.  They can't have it both ways but expect to.  The next Congress should be the circus of all circuses, proving once again that the less intelligent among us still reign!

Monday, November 15, 2010



Headlines from Huffpost:

"The anti-spending politicians who rake in farm subsidies":

"Tea Party senator-elect hires LOBBYIST to lead staff":

"John McCain tries to clarify wife's DADT reversal"
I guess Cindy McCain cannot speak for herself:

"Virginia Thomas steps down from tea party group Liberty Central"

The Stepford wives are back in line!!!!

"Neo Nazis rally in support of Arizona's SB1070 immigration bill":

 "McConnell backs earmark moratorium after requesting nearly $1 BILLION in pork"

 "John Ensign secured earmark nearing $1million from health care reform he opposed"

Republicans are this country's worst enemies.  Cut every service that helps ordinary Americans, cut money for every social service, cut money for public education, cut money for health care, but pour money into corporations, pour money into the military, start illegal and unnecessary wars to keep the military in business, send other people's children to war to get killed, squash human rights, make sure this country takes a gigantic step backward into the 18th century, treat women as chattel, lie about everything and deny everything, even in the face of absolute proof.

Ah, the Republican party.......a very large group now to be known as the dregs of the earth.

This country will get what they paid for.