Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Social Action" is not meant to be a sound bite

When you think of doing something that would uplift members of society who are less fortunate than you are and then act on that thought, you are taking a small step toward "Tikkun Olam", literally repairing the world.  It is a lofty ideal, to repair the world.

If you have a heart and were raised as a mensch, you wince, you cry, you gasp when you read about our veterans who are homeless, teenagers who age out of foster care and have no place to go, really poor families who work their hearts out at more than one job and still can't afford rent and/or food, young children who go to school without eating breakfast and not having the means to buy much for lunch, seniors on such limited income they are frequenting food banks and second-hand stores for their needs.

So, those of us who have the means and/or the wherewithal must step forward to help.  That help can come in the form of donating money, of course.  But more importantly, donating your time and/or expertise can be so much more satisfying.

In light of the horrendous conditions that so many in this country are facing, (much of it because politicians seem to care only for themselves and their wealthy masters), the rest of us have to step up and actively volunteer, get involved in the myriad opportunities to treat others with compassion, pursue social justice, accept responsibility to lift up our neighbors, perform acts of lovingkindness and try to heal our little corner of the world.

Action, in any form, is incumbent on all of us if ALL of us are to have a shot at a decent, safe, educated, healthful and promising life.