Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eva Cassidy - Imagine - by John Lennon

Eva Cassidy had a most extraorodinary voice.  I found this on YouTube and just had to share it.  This very gifted singer was taken from us much too soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Recent statistics have shown that violent crime is down considerably here in Arizona, way down.  Forget those headless bodies strewn all over the desert the unelected governor rants about.  Forget the rantings of the soon-to-be octogenarian, mindless AZ senator who thinks Arizona is the crime capital of the country.  Such news shows the complete worthlessness of these two who spit out moronic fear-mongering 'facts' as if they were  truth.  Falsehoods are in fashion in Arizona politics.  Put out the lies, let them do their work and brush off the real truths as nothing more than political jockeying.  Republicans wouldn't know TRUTH if it bit them in the ass!

The economy is showing signs of life.  Recent reports show an upswing.  It is gradual but it is happening.  So......... Republicans will take credit for it although it is patently absurd to think there is any way they can prove their involvement, or they will deny that it is actually happening and will trash it every chance they get.

Republicans are the party of "Anti" everything (except business and war), the party of dissent, criticism, pessimism, cynicism, with nothing positive to offer.  How they continue to exist is beyond comprehension.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I cringe when I think of America now.  I cringe because people here are either insanely stupid, vicious, crackpots, intolerant, half-witted, boneheaded, easily led, unable to think critically, asinine, and/or dense.  After 8 years of this country being trashed and stomped to the ground by contemptuous Republicans  whose only thoughts were to lie us into war,  trample the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, make sure Big Business and Big Pharma got as much money as possible while screwing the average person, and generally sinking the country into  a deep recession, the electorate is replete with imbeciles screaming that it's all the fault of Democrats because these massive problems haven't all been fixed already.

What, in god's name, do they want?  Like little spoiled brats these crazies are screaming, "I want it now!"  "I want everything to be fixed NOW!"  Like schoolyard bullies, they scream because things aren't going their way.  They keep screaming, "You lie" while they have perfected that action.  They deny, deny and deny even when the truth shows them lying.  They ignore the magnitude of the previous administrations screw-ups and blame them all on everyone else.  They are caustic, acerbic, sneering and derisive while offering absolutely nothing but screaming nasty epithets at anyone and anything that doesn't agree with them.

Republicans offer nothing but the same old tired crap.  They want to enrich their friends and keep the average American down.  They say things out of both sides of their collective mouths.  Their party is full of certifiable nuts.  They are the exact opposite of what this country is supposed to stand for:  freedom, democracy, tolerance.  And this group of crazies gets the most coverage through the MSM!  It's disgusting that they even exist.

Reasoned discourse has no place in their party.  They're against so many things that they have become the party of "Anti,"  anti-everything, unresponsive to the needs of the nation, damaging to the reputation of America as it is meant to be.

Republicans:  Take your balls and bats and go home and leave the fixing up of your mess to the grownup Democrats.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Conservatives (read Republicans) are out of touch with humanity.  They don't give a damn about reasonable health care for everyone; they don't care about adequately funding education.  They want to cut every service to people who desperately need some help to survive just so the rich can have their tax breaks.  These are people who steal from the poor to give to the rich.  These are people who want a lot less government unless it has something to do with same-sex marriage, abortion or whatever the hell it is that people are doing in their bedrooms, then they want to stick their noses in WHERE THEY DON'T BELONG!

This state of Arizona is replete with people whose collective IQ is less than my age!  The unelected governor is a total embarrassment.  She has no command of the English language, she speaks poorly and appears to have no critical thinking skills.  She is a coward when it comes to answering questions.  She lies about things and when she gets caught and is asked about such things, she disappears behind closed doors.  She picks and chooses what she will answer.  Obviously she hasn't got the brains to think on her feet.  How can someone like Jan Brewer even think she is bright enough to get Arizona out of the mess it's in when she does not have the skills to think things through?

It is beyond comprehension that people actually would vote for such an unintelligent person.  She and Sarah Palin are cut from the same cloth:  2 individuals who have nothing substantive to offer except sound bites snatched from those really vicious radio beasties; 2 individuals who have no understanding of the complex issues facing the state and the country and who only repeat the crap they hear from the Conservative waste buckets.  Jan Brewer doesn't have a clue about how to improve the fortunes of Arizona.  God help this state if she is actually elected to the position of Governor for a full term.

At one time, Republicans had reasonable positions regarding fiscal issues and there was room to compromise for the good of the country.  Now, Republicans do not give a damn about the good of the country.  All they care about is trashing Democrats at every turn, thwarting anything and everything Democrats try to do even if it is a good thing for the country.  They are power hungry and want to crush all opposition.  They paint their opposition with scathing, vitriolic, and derisive words.  They do it viciously.  They want this country to be declared a Christian nation.  They want religious law to take precedence over the Constitution.  Tolerance and freedom are no longer in their vocabulary.  If they get their way this nation will be nothing but a third world country which will eventually erupt into class warfare.