Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some recent headlines

Gingrich:  EPA should be eliminated (Why don't we just let the polluters do what they want?)

George Allen says "Macaca" was a made up word, not racist (Who is he kidding?)

Mike Lee of Utah wants federal disaster relief funds after saying states should be responsible for disaster relief. (Typical Republican HYPOCRITE)

Palin critic threatened with assassination (Her personal DEATH PANEL)

Tea Party Darling (Michele Bachmann) Called a Balloon Head (& with good reason)


Monday, January 17, 2011


Civil: (1) of or relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns as opposed to military or religious matters.  (2) courteous, polite, well-mannered

Martin Luther King is probably crying in his grave because of the current climate in America.  We are no longer a civil nation.  We have degenerated into an abysmal collection of hate-spewing, vitriolic rhetoric that is tearing this country apart.

What lessons were we supposed to learn from our parents? Standards and principles of behavior, decency, honesty, the difference between right and wrong, understanding, tolerance, kindness, justice, charity, generosity, and respect.....NOT vindictiveness, hatred, contempt, hostility, lying, and murderous, accusatory and hateful language.

On this day of remembrance, we must, as a nation, understand that everyone's opinion has value, realize we are all equal and just stop the language of hate.  Please!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


What is there to say?  After all the bluster, finger-pointing, accusations and heated rhetoric surrounding the tragic events in Tucson on Saturday, it's time to step back, shake my head and try to be sane and logical about this situation.

A moderate Democrat and several others were gunned down by a maniac. The accusations hurled against the violent metaphors and rhetoric spewing from talk radio on the right and certain politicos were not misguided.  While those responsible for such incendiary talk may not be directly involved, they must take some responsibility for insinuating the results that occurred.  Putting cross hairs on a map with someone's name; saying someone should be killed; intimating that those who don't agree with you are not patriotic and are un-American, indicating a "second amendment solution" etc. are beyond the pale of intelligent discourse.

Whether or not the shooter proves to be a bona fide lunatic with severe mental problems, the fact remains that somewhere, somehow a seed was planted which produced the Tucson devastation.  It means every one of us must understand that once words leave our mouths, they cannot be taken back, they can be taken literally, they can prove to be lethal. 

While Democrats and Republicans, both, have hurled hateful words at each other, the Republicans have honed that practice into their specialty.  Their words are more vitriolic, menacing, outlandish, and hateful then ever before.  They have shown little respect for others' opinions when differing from their own.  Even after the tragedy they back peddle about things they have said, assailing Democrats and liberals as the ones who are responsible.  Many Republicans/conservatives are just unable to accept that they may be even partly responsible.  They are outlandish in their lies, belligerent, militant, confrontational, trigger-happy suck-ups who are venal to the core.

So, I tried to be sane and logical and I failed.  I just can't get my head around the asinine remarks coming from the Right, no acknowledgment of the possibility of a mea culpa, only finger-pointing to and blaming the Left.  Republicans are not the stuff of which this country should be made.  They are too self-centered, narrow-minded and parochial.

We MUST learn from this tragedy that unless we become more tolerant of others' views as having merit, learn how to compromise, help those who need it while bolstering our educational system, health care system and economy without the prejudice that is so prevalent, we are doomed as a nation.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dead birds and fish

Can't resist:

Those dead birds and fish in Arkansas?  They all committed suicide because the republicans are coming!