Thursday, March 31, 2011


Florida governor, Rick Scott, is decimating funds for the disabled.  And right after he signs that order, he'll appear at a Special Olympics photo-op!  What a Judas!  A real hypocrite.  And a big time swindler, in my opinion.

The House GOP "leadership" chastises a Democrat for using the word, 'uterus' on the House floor--in case there are children in the gallery.  18th century prudes.

Indiana State lawmaker, Eric Turner, says women could claim rape or incest in order to get an abortion.  He's a diabolical asshole, in my opinion.

Mitch McConnell labeling Chuck Schumer as extreme has obviously entered the realm of dementia.  He is an old fart with a plastic-looking face.

Ben Quayle's attempt at humor just makes him sound even more of a puppet than originally thought.  Probably hasn't yet learned how to spell, either.

Donald Trump suggests Pres. Obama's birth certificate could say he is a Muslum.  Trump was kooky before.  Now he's a certified nut job.

There is a Corporate Conspiracy to take over this country and rule it as an oligarchy.  Don't believe it?  Just ask the Kock brothers (sorry, that should be Koch) and  their moneyed friends, especially those companies making billions in profits and NOT PAYING ANY TAXES.  Having billions of dollars isn't enough.  They want more...... and more.....and more.  Greedy bastards!

Tea party people don't just want smaller government, they want NO government, except when it comes to legislating women's rights (so they have none) and kicking the middle and working class in the gut.  Tea party politics=3rd world country.

Sigh.  I could write more, but you get the idea.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Teachers should be extolled, not castigated!

Why do so many people think teachers have 8 to 12 weeks of "vacation" each year?  Do they really think teachers are taking it easy and enjoying a relaxing time away from their jobs? 

They work more than 8 hours a day, taking home work to correct, myriad reports to write, calls made or written progress reports sent to their students' parents, updating teaching plans.  During their so-called free time they schedule and take additional continuing education at personal cost (many times they are mandatory) to better serve their students. 

During the school year they deal with a dearth of school supplies which they then purchase with their own money and do not get reimbursed.  They are confronted with dilapidated buildings.  They are confronted with parents who don't care much about their kids but blame the teacher with any and all shortcomings their children display.  Teachers become caregivers when their pupils come in hungry so their teachers buy them food. Teachers have to watch out for obvious signs of abuse which has to be reported.  Teachers try to keep the kids safe during school.  They do this and so much more while maintaining a family household with all that that entails.

And they get paid, per hour, less than most people pay their babysitters!

Teachers are shaping the minds of the future of this country.  If you don't think teaching is THE MOST important job in this country, you're nuts!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where is the humanity???

Humanity:  philanthropy, kindness, consideration, sympathy, benevolence, charity, goodness, generosity, tolerance, compassion, humaneness.

Every day I am amazed at the craziness I read about in the paper, on the Internet or hear on TV.  I just can't wrap my mind round the fact that the Arizona House of Representatives gave approval for a $5 million appropriation to the sheriff  of Pinal County for border security supplies.  And they just cannot find $1.4 million to fund life-saving transplants for the 30 or so patients on a list here in Arizona.  Democrats in the House tried to divert the funds to that coverage but the Republican-controlled House rejected it, thus insuring that these patients got further along on their road to death!

I scratch my head in complete bewilderment at their total lack of humanity.  It leads me to want to hope that someone in their families will need a transplant.  But, then again, their insurance, paid for by Arizona taxpayers, fund their transplants!

Where is the humanity?

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Republicans:  give tax breaks to big corporations who are stinking with money;

gut collective bargaining for public employees like teachers, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, thereby cutting their salaries to near poverty levels in this economy;

defund Planned Parenthood so more women will be forced to get back alley abortions, be denied pre-natal care or screening for breast and cervical cancer, men won't be able to get screened for testicular cancer, testing and treatment for stds;  no menopause treatments or vasectomies;

cut off poor people from health care in the hopes that they die off;

gut the EPA so corporations can pollute and kill the environment, thus killing people;

allow everyone to have guns without background checks so lunatics can have a field day shooting anyone they don't like;

pass laws making everyone who isn't a white Christian carry papers with them to prove they are citizens; and make doctors, teachers, grocery clerks, store owners etc, have to ask for those papers before providing any services to anyone;

get rid of Hispanics, the poor, the young, the old;

gut funding for education, health care, Medicare; PBS,

In effect, Republicans (white, Christian assholes) want to cleanse the United States of everyone who does not agree with their backward, religiously intolerant, money-grabbing agenda.

Where the f@#$k did these sons of bitches come from?  A pox on all their mothers for ever giving birth to so many freaks.

They are super stupid, creepy,  crooks, morons, repugnant, morally corrupt, repulsive, loathsome, vile, offensive, appalling and atrocious.  And that's just the nicest things I can say about them.