Friday, February 28, 2014

This is where I stand............

The following list, in no particular order, is by no means complete.

I'm not okay with transvaginal  probes.

I'm not okay with white men making laws determining women's health issues.

I'm not okay with the f*** stupidity coming out of the mouths of moronic Republican Tea Party members of Congress and state legislatures. You know what those comments are.

I'm not okay with the continuous lies and misinformation the GOP spits out daily. Example: The Koch brothers ads against the ACA which have been proven false.

I'm not okay with lobbyists.  Lobbying is legalized bribery.

I'm not okay with the Republican Tea Party continually defending the welfare given to wealthy corporations. And that's what it really is: tax breaks for the very rich and billions of money going into their coffers, none of which ever trickles down to their workers.

I'm not okay with the Republican Tea Party's war on women. Example: taking away abortion rights, sticking their noses into healthcare decisions that only women should be making, defining rape and blaming the victim.

I'm not okay with slashing unemployment compensation benefits when lots of people are applying for every job.

I'm not okay with the SNAP/Food Stamp benefit reduction making it difficult for very poor people to have enough to buy food.  Starving children and the elderly should be crimes against humanity.

I'm not okay passing laws making it next to impossible for people to vote. Example: cutting polling places, hours and days, especially in areas serving minorities and the elderly.

I'm not okay with Gerrymandering.

I'm not okay with fracking.

I'm not okay with the damn Keystone XL pipeline.

I'm not okay with dark money paying bribes to Congress. And that's exactly what it is---bribes.

I'm not okay with Citizens United.

I'm not okay with GMOs.

I'm not okay with the Republican Tea Party Congress not passing a jobs bill.

I'm not okay with the Republican Tea Party shutting down the government because they didn't get their way.

I'm not okay with corporations making billions of dollars and not paying any taxes.

I'm not okay with wealthy individuals and corporations stashing their money in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes.

I'm not okay with tax loopholes allowing the rich to thumb their noses at the rest of us.

I'm not okay with businesses paying such low wages that their employees have to apply for food stamps and can't afford health care.

I'm not okay with corporations sending jobs overseas.

I'm not okay with polluting corporations and none of them paying for or even acknowledging the damage.

I'm not okay with the damn NRA and no responsible solutions for gun violence.

I'm not okay with "open carry."

I'm not okay with Stand Your Ground laws.

I'm not okay with teaching creationism as science.

I'm not okay with the dumbing down of America.

I'm not okay with forcing teachers to teach to the test and not being able to do "real" teaching.

I'm not okay with Republican Tea Party morons insisting this country become Christian.

I'm not okay with religion getting anywhere near politics.

I'm not okay with Christians trying to legislate using their religion.

I'm not okay with the Republican Tea Party undermining the United States because they don't like the black guy in the White House.

I'm not okay with the blatant racism, bigotry and misogyny running rampant in this country.

I'm not okay with the Republican Tea Party trying to take this country back in time instead of forward.

I'm not okay with millionaires buying legislation.

I'm not okay with our veterans not getting the help they need when they come back from war.

I'm not okay with veterans and their families having to reply on food stamps.

I'm not okay with the Republican Tea Party Senators blocking the Veteran's Benefits Bill!

I'm not okay with there being ANY homeless people in this country.

I'm not okay that food banks have to serve thousands of people who can't afford food! Hunger like this just should not exist.

I'm not okay with tax dollars going to private schools.

I'm not okay with college students burdened by enormous debt.

I'm not okay with the damn military-industrial complex.

I'm not okay with starting a war for no good reason, not paying for it and blaming President Obama for the deficit and recession left by that little imbecile, GW Bush.

I'm not okay with the middle class being jackhammered into poverty by the Republican Tea Party and   corporations.

So, if any of you are okay with any of those things I've listed above,  if you think compromise is a dirty word and you dislike people who are different from you (and you try to hide it), you are no friend of mine.  You are what's part of the problem. This is not a "You have your opinion and I have mine" situation.  This is humanity and the future of this country.  I don't want the United States becoming an oligarchy or a fascist country but that's what the Republican Tea Party is pushing us towards.  

None of these things I've mentioned represent what the United States is supposed to be, a country of freedom, tolerance, opportunity, justice, equality, humanity, kindness, consideration, philanthropy, compassion, sympathy, generosity, humaneness.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arizona Senate passes SB1062, another bigoted piece of crap

I live in Arizona only because both my sons went to Arizona State University and they decided to remain in the warm southwest after graduating.  Granted, this state is one of the most beautiful states in the nation with its magnificent scenery: majestic mountains; gorgeous deserts; incredibly amazing cactus vegetation; natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and the many, many National Parks and recreation areas.

But what's ruining the very existence of a decent life here in this state is the incredible hatred, bigotry and racism spewed forth daily by the Republican Tea Party in this state.  The latest salvo in an ongoing war with those who don't march in lockstep with this group of insanely repugnant individuals is the passing of a bill by the Arizona Senate that effectively makes it legal to discriminate against anyone whose lifestyle conflicts with their own religious definition of  "what's right."

While the bill never specifically mentions the LGBT community, it's abundantly clear that the bill was designed to impact that group through an expression of one's exercise of religion.  What this means is that business owners have the right to deny services to anyone they regard as not being in compliance with their view of religion. It also will have an impact on women who use birth control. 

I am just so outraged by this.  I want to tear my hair out at the gross inhumanity of these people.  They can yell all they want that they're just making sure that everyone can exercise their religious freedom but it doesn't take a scholar to know that these hateful, mostly Christian people want to reduce the lives of those who are different to a second, third or fourth class existence in this country.

SB1062 is a horrible, hateful, disgusting attempt to foster intolerance of and hate for the LBGT community, women and frankly anyone.  I simply cannot stand this and my appreciation for life in Arizona is just gone.  Humans are humans and if these Republican Tea Party members don't understand that, then they are less than human and should not be in a position to legislate anything.

Some examples of the craziness of this law could see a pharmacist refuse to sell birth control pills on his/her religious grounds.  Hoteliers and store owners can refuse to accommodate gay customers, Jews, Muslims, blacks or anyone they don't like, all in the name of their religious beliefs.

If SB1062 is signed into law by that craggy-faced, witless governor, Jan Brewer, the lawsuits will start flying and Arizona taxpayers will be footing enormous bills to fight this and they won't win.  This has got to be unconstitutional.  Religious rights must not trump human rights.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Contemptible Republicans and their loathsome ideas

Sometimes it's just easier to show you than write about the really moronic, crazy, stupid, unintelligent, hateful, greedy, asshole maneuvers the lunatics of the GOP are known for.  These were all grabbed from postings on Facebook.  Ah, there are so many more but for now, enough said!