Sunday, December 1, 2019

In the beginning, there was LAUGHTER!

Laughter was a huge part of our relationship. And it all started on our very first date. We went out to dinner and a show in Boston. At that time, the attire was more formal. He wore a suit, I wore a dress and heels. He drove in from Newburyport, picked me up in Chelsea and we drove into "the big city." He found a parking spot on a little side street within walking distance to the restaurant and the movie theater, or so he thought.

I'm remembering the restaurant was at one end of Tremont Street and the theater was perhaps three or four blocks away. The dinner was lovely, we walked to the theater and enjoyed the movie. While in the theater, I had the chance to give my feet a rest from those heels!

It was after the movie that things got a little unpredictable! He took my hand and we started walking toward the car.  (Now I digress a bit to say that I worked in this part of Boston during my high school years and was quite familiar with the area.) Being the demure, lovely young lady that I was, I walked along with him as he tried to find the car, saying nothing. But as time went on, I had all I could do to stifle the laughter that kept bubbling up from my throat, realizing that we were walking in ever growing circles around the area. Pretty soon we were retracing our steps along streets we had already walked down and there was no car in sight!

It got to the point where I couldn't keep my hushed up laughter contained, nor could I stand to continue hunting for the elusive car any longer in heels! With a burst of giggles, I gently suggested that I give it a try. I grabbed his hand firmly and quickly led him directly to the car!

Once ensconced in the vehicle, he turned to me with a huge smile and asked me how long I knew he was never going to find the car. I collapsed in hysterical giggles, gasping as I tried to catch my breath. And he, watching me laughing so hard, started to laugh as well.

And we laughed and laughed and laughed for the next fifty-five years!

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