Sunday, May 27, 2012


Major GOP Donor Arrested in $100 Million Veteran Charity Scam

House Republicans Want to Strip LGBT, Immigrant and Native American Protections from Violence Against Women Act

GOP Plans to Dramatically Scale Back Protections for Abused Women

North Carolina discriminates against the LBGT community in their state constitution

House GOP Defends DOMA's Separation of Bi-National Same-Sex Couples

Shaun Winkler, GOP White Supremacist Candidate for Sheriff (Idaho) Hosts Cross-Burning event

House Passes Bombs Not Bread Bill to Spare Military, Cut Food Aid

Reporters Blocked at Romney Event

Boehner Threatens to Take Economy to the Brink Again

Florida Telling Hundreds of Eligible Citizens They are Ineligible to Vote

All of the above are what the GOP is all about.  They are not just conservative.  They are dangerously vicious, misogynistic, bigoted, racist, fascist individuals hell bent on destroying democracy as we know it, replete with stupidity, unable to understand the hell they are reigning on the United States citizenry, and happy to make this country into an oligarchy, creating a society based on two classes: those with money and power and those without and the chasm between the two is so wide it will be impossible to close or change unless the current lunatic-inspired GOP is decimated and reason and humanity seep back into those who still cling to what they think is conservative values.

As it stands now, the GOP has no values that relate to humanity.  They are simply bat-shit crazy.  May they all rot in hell.


Citizens United is an abhorrent decision that needs to be reversed.  Well, if corporations are people (my friends!) they must be able to vote since every person is entitled to vote.  Therefore if I form a single person corporation, I should be able to register that corporation to vote!  If my attempt to register is rejected, can I not bring a lawsuit saying that, like some minorities, I have been discriminated against because I'm a corporation?  If one person formed a one-person corporation, tried to register to vote and was rejected, and then sued the state for discrimination, how do you think the Supreme Court would rule when the case got that far?

Anyone have any comments?