Monday, May 31, 2010


It's Memorial Day.  No matter how you feel about war or the military, it still is important to give thanks and support to the troops for doing what they do, in the worst of conditions while being in harm's way.

And it's important to reflect on all those family members who have gone before us, remember them and the loving memories they left us.  Strive to do loving acts of kindness and to make the world a better place to honor their memories.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Still trying to make heads or tails out of the damn thing.  It's wording is so convoluted, it seems to have been designed to be the most ambiguously vague, muddled piece of legal mumbo jumbo ever produced by a legislative body.

One needs a Constitutional expert to interpret this piece of rhetorical garbage just to begin to understand it.  Every time I read it, I see something else it could mean.  It's like a salad bar:  pick the parts you want to attack because there are plenty to go around. 

If law enforcement would do its job and go after the businesses that hire illegal immigrants, that may stem the tide.  But those illegal immigrants who are already here, working, with families, already established and paying taxes should be walking the road to legalization.  Pass the Dream Act providing legal status for their children who come of age and have lived here most of their lives.

There are ways to ameliorate the problem but this bill is too garbled and threatening to work.

To be continued..................... maybe!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The Arizona Republic published the entire text of Arizona's Immigration Law, SB1070 (including HB 2162, which amended it.)  It took 4 full pages to print it.  Both 1070 and 2162 amended the existing law and the Republic marked the new passages.  The Republic also had University of Arizona law professor Gabriel Chin help explain some of the law's legal issues.  I am slugging my way through the reading and so far much of the state's law mimics Federal law.

 So, after trying to understand the yada, yada, yada of this bill and deciding not to tear my hair out over it, I searched for a more sane voice who had already written what I thought was a much better explanation of the key parts.  Therefore, I direct your attention to the following by Ray Suarez who writes on the Huffington Post:

Monday, May 10, 2010


SB 1070:  A mean-spirited piece of legislation that does absolutely nothing to address the real problem.  Those who will be caught in this immigrant net will mostly be the hard-working illegal immigrants who are trying to provide a life for themselves and their families.  What it won't do is catch the coyotes, drug smugglers and murderous kidnappers who are the real threat to border states.  Those miserable excuses for human beings are not likely to be looking for day labor jobs, nor are they hanging around in those houses where they keep their 'captives' locked up while terrorizing their families to come up with money.  Catching them takes real hard detective work which, apparently, is not what law enforcement does here in this state.  It's just easier to grab the waiters, gardeners and such off the street.

The real problem is the corrupt government of Mexico which isn't doing enough to insure that its citizens have the kinds of jobs that pay a living wage so their citizens don't have to cross into the US for jobs.  And those jobs are ones that most Americans really don't want to do....not for the wages being paid to the immigrants.

Why not go after the companies who hire the immigrants for such low wages?  Because then these companies will outsource what they do to keep from paying minimum wage.  Arizona has a law to go after companies who hire illegals.  They haven't done it.

And of the 12 million illegals in the country, over 5 million are here on expired visas.  Who's going after them?

And, if there wasn't such a HUGE market for drugs in the US, who would the drug cartels sell to here?  And if the US (read Arizona) didn't sell guns to every idiot who wants one without an ID and permit, maybe not as many guns would be available to the creeps and morons who think robbing, kidnapping and killing is a nice business to go into!

Having said this, boycotting Arizona is a really stupid thing to do.  While it may get a point across, it will really hurt those people who can ill afford it, the ones who have to work just to survive.  It won't hurt the moronic legislators who crafted this fr****king bill.

One more thing:  That creep, McCain, is running again on securing the border.  He wants the border fence built.  Who is going to pay for it?  There are over 20,000 Border Patrol agents patrolling the border.  Maybe if they stood shoulder to shoulder we could have a "human fence!"

To be continued..................