Friday, July 31, 2009


The Republicans are really good at what they do: obfuscate, terrorize and lie to advance their agenda to obliterate the rights of U. S. citizens. They are great at scaring the hell out of those who do not, will not or can't be bothered to do simple research about issues affecting them.

In this age of Internet information it doesn't take much to do some fact checking at legitimate web sites. Most people with a modicum of intelligence read about and research the issues they're interested in. So it's beyond comprehension to hear people prattling about "birth certificates" and "euthanasia of the elderly," which have become talking points of wingnut Republicans.

How in hell did these people get elected? I propose an I.Q. test and a test on the Constitution for all candidates for office: local, state and national. The results would have to be made public and the 'candidates' would have to get more than just a passing grade. At least the U. S. electorate would have a fighting chance of electing people whose brains haven't been scrambled.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Drove Me To Do It

I'm starting a blog because I just can't contain myself when I hear or read about the incredibly stupid rantings of people who write moronic letters to the editor or pontificate on TV when they really should be looking for their brains which obviously departed quietly from their heads out of shame!

Mothers are spinning in their graves, banging the earth and screaming to get out just once so they can knock some sense into their offspring. Most of the offspring I'm referring to are, unfortunately, 'holed' up in Congress where many of them have demonstrated what I have long suspected: When God told all those who wished for brains to come forth.... 3/4 of those in Congress came..... fifth!

We are saddled with wingnuts who cannot seem to think for themselves, whose soundbites are exactly that---taken from the same page, verbatim. They seem to be telling us, "Don't bother me with facts. My mind is made up." Unfortunately, they are all over the media and the constant barrage of stupidity is taking hold of a certain segment of society which can best be described as "teetering on the edge."

Oh, Wisdom, where art thou???