Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Transvaginal probes, essentially condoning rape by government; drug testing in order to get unemployment compensation; bills denying women's health coverage; bans on reproductive rights; voter ID laws denying thousands who have voted their whole lives, the right to vote now; killing Medicare and Social Security; war-mongering about Iran and Syria; tax cuts for the rich; Republican presidential candidates flip-flopping and lying; advocating for religious doctrine over scientific reasoning; denying proven global warming/climate change; elevating the views of the Christian religion into every political arena and over every other religion; denying those who work their right to unionize; trashing laws which protect the environment; gutting public education in favor of for-profit charter schools; denying people the right to health care coverage; obstructing everything President Obama and Democrats put forth; guns in every nook and cranny; adhering to only selective parts of the Constitution and gutting the other parts they don't like; a very small government but one that fits in a woman's vagina and sticks its nose into everyone's personal life; dispensing with all safeguards for the young, the sick and the elderly; blocking help for small businesses; bashing the LGBT community; supporting the ridiculous DOMA;  ..............AD NAUSEUM!  Everything listed is a negative.  They offer nothing positive for this nation.

The Republican party is peopled with the lowest of the low, the nastiest of the nasty, the craziest of the crazy, the meanest of the mean, the vilest of the vile.  These people have no hearts, no souls, no understanding of what it means to be humane.  They are power- hungry Christian zealots stampeding over everyone else's beliefs, unwilling to listen to reasoned compromise.  They are not just bullies.  They are the demons of politics, course, loutish, uncouth, and dangerous.  They are thieves, stealing our civil liberties, our civil rights, our dignity, our lives and they must be stopped.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Lifelock is still advertising on Limbaugh's show.  I wrote to them requesting that they drop their ads.  What follows below shows what a miserable corporate entity they are.

This was my initial email, sent on March 6, 2012:

You sponsor the Phoenix Mercury. And you STILL advertise on Limbaugh's show? How can you be blind to the fact that continuing to have ads on his show means you support his hateful and disgusting attitude toward women. This is not a free speech issue. He is free to spew his brand of hatred. Your company does not have to appear complicit, agreeing with his stance. And by remaining as one of his advertisers, that is precisely how your company is perceived.

As a sponsor of a pre-eminent women's basketball team you have an obligation to not sully your reputation. Have the courage to stop advertising on his program and show that you have respect for women.

Do the right thing. It's long overdue.


Reisa Miller
Chandler, AZ

This is the answer I got today, March 7, 2012:

 Response Via Email (Annie Kobus)    03/07/2012 01:30 PM

Reisa Miller,

Thank you for your email and for the feedback that you have provided.

We have received a considerable amount of comments regarding our advertising with Rush Limbaugh. Like many Americans, we were shocked and offended by his language, insensitivity and approach which was not what we expected from an advertising partner. We immediately expressed our concerns to Rush and felt that an apology was needed. We are glad to see that he has made repeated attempts to apologize for his remarks.

While this continues to be a topic for discussion, LifeLock has stated our position and continues to focus our efforts on working relentlessly to protect our members from identity theft. We remain committed to protecting the identities and personal information of all of our members, regardless of gender, creed, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or any other qualifiers.

LifeLock works with a variety of advertisers and radio personalities and the views expressed by the host do not, and have never, represented LifeLock’s views. The reason we have maintained long-term relationships with our advertising partners is because they do share our commitment to fighting identity theft.

If at any time you have questions or need to make changes to your account, just visit your secure online member portal by going to www.lifelock.com. For additional support, email us at member.services@lifelock.com or contact us at 1-800-543-3562. We're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


LifeLock Member Services

I didn't think much of the answer from Lifelock so this was my reply to them today!

Your answer below is a disgrace.  You obviously just don't get it.  Your feigned shock and offense at his remarks mean nothing if you still run your ads on his show.  His attempt to apologize was nothing more than a little fear about his bottom line.  His sincerity is really questionable in light of his comments today about a female author.  The man is toxic to women.  He has a problem with women and continually says things that cross the line.  There is a difference between expressing your opinion and ranting and raving in the lowest  and vilest of terms.

There are other right wing talk shows you could advertise on if that is your bent, but continuing to sponsor Rush Limbaugh tells me you really don't care what he says as long as that money rolls in for you. 

If I were a member of the Phoenix Mercury I would be mortified to have your name on my shirt.

And if you think that Limbaugh shares your commitment to fighting identity theft, he has already stolen the good name of several women.  Nice company you keep.

I'm sorry you are digging in to the position you've taken.  It boils down to character. Neither Rush Limbaugh nor your company has it.

Reisa Miller
Chandler, AZ

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 What more proof do you need that the Republican/Conservative/Tea Party/Moron Party is quaking in its boots at its total lack of balls to go after one of their own.  That Rush Limbaugh, or as I prefer to call him, Rushing Limpballs, can open that pisshole of a mouth, trash someone he doesn't know over the airwaves and expect his Republican henchmen to jump on that potty-mouthed bandwagon is beyond comprehension.

But, sure enough, his army of asshole stooges not only jumped but asked "how high."  Here are some of the detestable, ugly, drooling drippings that came out of their disgusting, smelly mouths (courtesy of Eric Boehlert of Huffington Post):

-Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin denounced Fluke as a "femme-agogu tool."
-The right-wing site Jawa Report illustrated a post about Fluke with a picture of a tattoo that reads "Semen Demon."
-Pam Geller wrote that Fluke is "banging it five times a day" and that "calling this whore a slut was a softball."
-Accuracy in Media's Don Irvine called her a "skank."
-Former CPAC Blogger of The Year, Ace of Spades, called Fluke a "shiftless rent-a-cooch from East Whoreville."
-Michelle Malkin guest blogger Doug Ross used "Got Slut?" in a headline and suggested Fluke suffered from "nymphomania."
-Dana Loesch complained the controversy surrounding Limbaugh's three-day "slut" campaign represented a "manufactured" story. (This, before Limbaugh responded to the "manufactured" story by issuing a rare public statement.)

And then there are the feeble, idiotic responses of the Republican so-called leadership: Romney apparently would have used other words to convey the same message, Boehner said it was "inappropriate," thereby proving what a wuss he is, Santorum-Cantor ....anything????   Too scared to beat the shit out of Limpballs and tell him where to go.  They cower before him, all doing his bidding.  They are cowards of the first order.

The whole Republican gang is just that:  a gang of backward, nasty, mean, vicious, haters of everything and everyone who isn't white, male, and Christian.  They are a bunch of old farts belching their stinkin' wind and trying to suck the life blood out of all those who don't think as they do.  Perhaps their collective belching and farting of their scare tactics, their lies, their creepiness, and their idiocy will shortly bring them down into the sewers they like to wallow in.  And with some luck they will never rise again out of the muck and the mire they have created.

Friday, March 2, 2012


As time goes by in this political season that I can only describe as being incendiary, I wonder why Republicans and Tea Party members have become so unbelievably unsound, so out of touch with the 21st century, unreasonable, unbalanced, unrealistic, backward, vulgar, and just genuinely miserable human beings. 

When did they become the advocates for blind hatred toward all those who either are not like them or who don't believe or agree with them?  How do they reconcile their professed belief in a small government while at the same time sticking their noses in the most private affairs of women? How can their Christian religious beliefs take precedence over everyone else's beliefs.  Why do they think theirs is the only belief system that must be followed?

On one hand, they profess to want to adhere to the Constitution.  On the other, they want to rip out the parts they think don't follow their warped beliefs.  They apparently want this country ruled as a theocracy.  I also think they don't understand what the word means.

Their disdain for education is beyond belief.  Their disdain for the rights of average Americans is beyond belief.  Their war on women is incomprehensible.  Their war on laws that keep us safe is incomprehensible.  Their war on the sick, the young and the elderly is incomprehensible.  Their war on science is incomprehensible.  They badmouth everything good that the Obama administration does

Everything that the Republican party stands for is detested by those who really love this country.  The Republican party seems hell bent on rolling back all the gains Americans have made in the last 60 years.  Women will become chattel, education and health care will only be for the rich, minorities will be discriminated against just as they had been so many years ago.  It is the way Republicans think.  It is what they want.  It is a devastating plan for the United States. 

They have twisted the meaning of much of what this country stands for:  freedom, patriotism, liberty, opportunity, equality, diversity, cooperation.  They are bigots, racists, 

We are heading toward a Taliban-like state if they ever take the reins of government.  They are a depressing group of hypocritical, misogynist nutjobs.  This country will not be a good place to live in if they get the power they seek.  It will be like living in the United States of Iran. 

Even with all this, I have hope that the American people won't let the Republicans ride roughshod over them, take away their rights, stomp on their ideas or their dreams or allow this country to go down the path to a theocracy or oligarchy.  I hope this will become a country for "the people", by "the people", and not run by the corporate masters who pull the strings of most Republican politicians.