Friday, January 23, 2015

Okay, I'm fed up so I let the Democratic Party know. Yes, I'm still a staunch Democrat.

This is from an email I received from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC.
Join us.
This has been a big week for Democrats, Reisa, and if you're feeling as fired up as I am, I hope you'll show it by becoming an official DNC member for 2015.
This was my reply.

No, I'm not fired up, I'm disgusted.  There was no big week for Democrats.  None of you has a backbone except for Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  None of you speak with any force of authority.  You couch all your words in polite crap.  You don't call out those GOP bastards the way you should.  You tiptoe around issues with words formulated from the "Book of Well Behaved Words."

I don't see the anger that most Democrats in the real world are feeling.  If you really knew what rank and file Democrats were feeling, your remarks to those GOP bastards would be laced with the vocabulary of a salty sailor.  Instead, you speak with bland, uninspiring words and thoughts.

And all you do is keep sending me emails begging for money.  Get a backbone.  Use words that are fiery and back them up.  Understand that your constituency is not happy with your mediocre, flaccid, nerveless performance.  Until the Democratic Party changes to a dynamic, fire-breathing, take no prisoners entity, go lick your wounds and stop crying for money.  Make the change.  There is no other way.

In the meantime, I'll continue to fight for the Progressive, liberal things I believe in.  I just hope you can catch up.

Reisa Miller

Friday, January 16, 2015

You got up on this side of the grass. Rejoice!

What can be done each day to make you feel grateful that you got up on this side of the grass? Look around you.

Did you wake up in a warm bed, next to someone you love, perhaps?  Be grateful that you have a place to live out of the cold and grateful that someone shares it with you.

Lingering over a cup of coffee or tea with your breakfast means you have food to eat.

Did you go to work today?  You are among the lucky ones who have a job.

During your day did you see the flowers you planted?  Be grateful you have vision with which to look upon their beauty.

Did you speak with family members during your day?  Lucky you, to have a family who cares about you.

We take too much for granted until those things are not there anymore.  Think about what many of us have gone through in the last few years: loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of self respect because of these tough times.

What matters in your life?  Your spouse, your children, your health, your neighbors and neighborhood, the people who make your life pleasant to live all make an impact on how you feel.  Every day someone does or says something to make you smile, to make you feel good or makes your day a little brighter by some small act of goodwill. When you think about those people, it's time to return the favor by thanking them in some way.

A simple act of gratitude like writing a thank you note or actually telling each one how much you appreciated something they said or did would make this world a much nicer place.

And G-d knows, we need a nicer world than the one we have right now.