Friday, July 31, 2009


The Republicans are really good at what they do: obfuscate, terrorize and lie to advance their agenda to obliterate the rights of U. S. citizens. They are great at scaring the hell out of those who do not, will not or can't be bothered to do simple research about issues affecting them.

In this age of Internet information it doesn't take much to do some fact checking at legitimate web sites. Most people with a modicum of intelligence read about and research the issues they're interested in. So it's beyond comprehension to hear people prattling about "birth certificates" and "euthanasia of the elderly," which have become talking points of wingnut Republicans.

How in hell did these people get elected? I propose an I.Q. test and a test on the Constitution for all candidates for office: local, state and national. The results would have to be made public and the 'candidates' would have to get more than just a passing grade. At least the U. S. electorate would have a fighting chance of electing people whose brains haven't been scrambled.


  1. Let me help you with your confusion. You are assuming that elected officials actually believe that they are there to serve the electorate. There is, in fact, little evidence from their behavior to support that assumption. In fact, they have as their primary goal, getting themselves and their friends re-elected. To that end, their true masters are funding sources followed by political bosses. The actual voters barely make the list. Unlike funding sources, voters are not so much to be appeased but rather hoodwinked into handing over our precious franchise.
    Until recently, the behavior of the Republicans, only slightly worse than the Dems, has worked in getting them re-elected. Instead of trying a new strategy, they are desperately ramping up the old one to the point that it is now obvious to us all. Apparently, it still works on a large part of the population who continue to buy this trash.
    They will not go away so they must be defeated. It is sad that the price we pay includes getting a watered down health care bill. Call your congressman today and demand a STRONG PUBLIC OPTION.

  2. You write the truth. I'm not really confused. I have not believed that elected officials are there to serve the electorate for a long time. I have thought that when people FIRST run for office it is because they really wish to make things better. BUT it doesn't take long for that idea to become corrupted and getting re-elected is the only priority. A friend once told us that elections just mean we're changing crooks in the middle of a robbery!