Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I live among kooks, lunatics and nut jobs.  A few days ago one of the Arizona Republic columnists, Laurie Roberts, wrote about what I think is a brilliant idea.  This state, as most others, is suffering under a huge deficit.  She mused that if we could tax the kooks that are serving in the state legislature, Arizona could wipe out the deficit within a year.  After all, the majority of those serving have managed to busy themselves with such REALLY important legislation such as voting on whether to post the Ten Commandments at the entrance to the Old State Capitol.  (There are different interpretations but why bother with that?) The chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee wants everyone in AZ to live by the rules of his religion.  Allowing other religions to post the key tenets of their faiths doesn't seem to be in the cards.  And, of course, should this actually pass, it will result in a long, drawn out, EXPENSIVE court case!

Also, there is a House bill which would require all presidential candidates to prove to Arizonans that they are U.S. citizens.  After all, what with so many illegals here and so many Arizonans who are not sure Hawaii is actually one of our 50 states.............

And another bill attempting to exempt all guns owned & made in AZ from Federal regulations.  Background checks?  No way.  Registration?  No way.  This will assure another lawsuit which AZ will HAVE TO PAY FOR!

And how about a bill which would extend the time it takes to get a divorce?  Let the misery keep on rolling!!!!  After all, domestic violence must be a family value for the nut who introduced this bill.

The Arizona legislature keeps busy cutting essential services, especially for children, the elderly, and the poor.  But they keep on truckin' with these imbecilic forays into areas that won't help the state get back on its feet.  And, need I mention that a huge majority of these creeps come from the Republican side????  No, I didn't think so.

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