Friday, May 28, 2010


Still trying to make heads or tails out of the damn thing.  It's wording is so convoluted, it seems to have been designed to be the most ambiguously vague, muddled piece of legal mumbo jumbo ever produced by a legislative body.

One needs a Constitutional expert to interpret this piece of rhetorical garbage just to begin to understand it.  Every time I read it, I see something else it could mean.  It's like a salad bar:  pick the parts you want to attack because there are plenty to go around. 

If law enforcement would do its job and go after the businesses that hire illegal immigrants, that may stem the tide.  But those illegal immigrants who are already here, working, with families, already established and paying taxes should be walking the road to legalization.  Pass the Dream Act providing legal status for their children who come of age and have lived here most of their lives.

There are ways to ameliorate the problem but this bill is too garbled and threatening to work.

To be continued..................... maybe!

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