Thursday, July 15, 2010


The two states I have lived in the longest were Massachusetts and Connecticut. As nutty as they were, the politicians in those states couldn't hold a candle to the asinine politicians here in Arizona.  When did treachery, sneakiness, deceit and just plain nastiness become the mantra by which this state is governed?  When did it become okay to lie and deceive with made-up facts?  Why is it okay to have people who didn't pay attention in their English classes and can't speak properly govern anyone?  Why is it okay to have people, who don't really seem to be able to hide their bigotry, in office where they can do much harm?  Why is it okay to have people in office who seem to have no idea what critical thinking skills are?  Why is it okay to parrot sound bites and expect everyone else to think you know what the hell you're talking about?  When did the word, compromise, become a derogatory term?

Why does it bother me so?  I suppose it bothers me because I come from a place where fairness, common courtesy, intelligence, compromise, integrity, honesty, compassion, understanding and a willingness to seek common ground were part of my upbringing.  I see very little of that here, in Arizona politics.  And those traits are sorely needed in dealing with the myriad problems facing everyone.

Do I have a solution?  Maybe requiring an intelligence test and sensitivity training for all potential candidates might be a start!

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