Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ah, the political idiots are out in force now.  The political "VOTE FOR ME" ads are polluting the airwaves with the most ridiculous claims.  Time after time, the talking heads say "I'm a businessman & have created thousands of jobs."  If all these guys running here in AZ created thousands of jobs why is unemployment here so high?

They promise to absolutely get things done.  "I will create jobs," "I will bring in more business,"  "I will see that the border is secure," "I will cut spending," "I will fund education, police, fire, health care, seniors, etc. and "I will........... (put in your favorite promise.)  They say these things as if each candidate, singlehandedly, will accomplish all these things. 

These people don't understand that they only get one vote, they have to play the political games and those games don't provide for independent thinking, they are supposed to read and understand all the issues, their own parties are so fractured, consensus is just not possible.

They can promise all they want.  That doesn't mean diddly.  Everyone promises but no one  states what or how they would attempt to "fix" the problem.  There is nothing to base a vote on because they all are hesitant to state what their positions are other than the stupid sound bites that get quoted..... nothing substantive.   And they are so intent on tearing down their opponents, all ads have been grossly negative.  Each one has done or said really nutty, questionable, or stupid things in their past and all of it is brought up by their opponents.  It's enough to make one vomit.  And so I mute the sound because I just cannot listen to the drivel.

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