Thursday, September 16, 2010


Recent statistics have shown that violent crime is down considerably here in Arizona, way down.  Forget those headless bodies strewn all over the desert the unelected governor rants about.  Forget the rantings of the soon-to-be octogenarian, mindless AZ senator who thinks Arizona is the crime capital of the country.  Such news shows the complete worthlessness of these two who spit out moronic fear-mongering 'facts' as if they were  truth.  Falsehoods are in fashion in Arizona politics.  Put out the lies, let them do their work and brush off the real truths as nothing more than political jockeying.  Republicans wouldn't know TRUTH if it bit them in the ass!

The economy is showing signs of life.  Recent reports show an upswing.  It is gradual but it is happening.  So......... Republicans will take credit for it although it is patently absurd to think there is any way they can prove their involvement, or they will deny that it is actually happening and will trash it every chance they get.

Republicans are the party of "Anti" everything (except business and war), the party of dissent, criticism, pessimism, cynicism, with nothing positive to offer.  How they continue to exist is beyond comprehension.

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