Monday, October 4, 2010


It just leaves me speechless!  I can't begin to understand the deep bottomless pit of stupidity these people have jumped into. I'm talking about the tea party and their new coloring book for kids shown here: 

The information in the book is brought to you by idiots who never understood what they read about the original Boston Tea Party.  But why let the real facts get in the way.  Their mantra seems to be:  "Don't bother me with facts.  My mind's already made up."  And this crap is being peddled to kids, as in "indoctrination."  And for only $3.59!

There used to be reasonable, intelligent republicans (the word doesn't deserve a capital.)  That was a loooooooooog time ago.  These people have disappeared, replaced by screaming people spouting sound bites that they do not understand, garnered from vicious, vindictive, power-hungry, medieval-thinking nutcases who want to drag this country back into the 18th century socially but very eager to crawl over the backs of the average citizen to get back in power and stomp their boots on the necks of those who disagree with them.  They are eager to change the Constitution to suit their own needs and to hell with everyone else.  They just make me want to vomit.

There, that made me feel better..... for a moment. 

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