Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There is absolutely no doubt as to who was responsible for the death of Osama Bin Laden.  All the credit goes to President Barack Obama, the intelligence community and the Navy SEALS who risked their lives to physically carry out their mission. 

Make no mistake, had the mission not gone as well as it did, President Obama would have been blamed.  He put himself on the line, his reputation, his credibility, his presidential "chops" as it were.  George W. Bush would not have made this call, not only because he didn't have the guts but additionally, he had no interest in the pursuit of the most wanted terrorist in the world.  He said so in 2002 and later.

So, it was up to the grown-up, the adult in the White house to make good on his promise.  President Obama is exceedingly intelligent, diligent, perceptive and able to make the decisions necessary for the good of the citizens of this nation.  He is an exemplary, outstanding President who has restored honor and character to the office after eight years of unscrupulousness.

I am very thankful and proud that Barack Obama is my President.


  1. Are you also going to extend similar praises to President Bush for the capture of Saddam Hussein?

  2. I wasn't blogging then. It's always a good thing when a despot gets taken down. It seems the world was happy about it, also. But the reasons for going into Iraq were false & that's what I have a problem with.