Friday, June 1, 2012


Today, I posted the comment below on HuffPost under the article about the jobs report.  69,000 is a low number?  After getting 16 people to "fave" the comment, Huffpost removed the comment.  I am designated a Superuser on Huffpost.  Don't know what their problem is. 

It's beyond comprehension that Obama gets blamed for every damned thing. Why hasn't the GOP Congress done something about creating jobs LIKE THEY PROMISED? President Obama has tried and accomplished a turnaround in the jobs picture against all odds thrown at him by the GOP. The GOP hates his guts and will do anything to bring him down. Obama is not responsible for singlehandedly creating every new job here. There have to be consumers to buy the products. The GOP is doing its damnedest to make sure the middle class has less and less money, purchasing power and voting power. Where the hell were the screamers when GW Bush threw the economy and the country in the crapper? 69,000 jobs WERE ADDED. There will be more to come if we can keep the vicious GOP from giving more tax breaks to the damn corporations and making sure a JOBS PRESIDENT like Obama remains in office.

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