Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Blog of Note.....a Liebster Award

I was given a Liebster Blog Award today by my cousin, Karen Lebewohl Blessing. It's a tagging award given to bloggers who have, either less than 3000 readers or less than 200 readers, depending on where you read up on this award, and is usually considered a favorite of the one bestowing the award.  I, frankly, don't know how many read my blog because I never check.  However, I am truly flattered that Karen would include me in her list of blogger 'awardees'.

I started my blog after I moved to Arizona and became aware of the extreme conservative views of many in this state. Years ago, Arizona was not like this and, coming from a liberal and progressive background, the extreme right wing views caused me some anxiety.  I thought the best way to handle that was to vent on a blog. I chose the name of my blog because sound bites are so prevalent and mostly repeated by those who don't bother to do the research to check their facts and, frankly, don't appear to have the critical thinking skills so necessary to understand that today's politicians are not serving the people but only serving themselves.

I blog mainly about politics but on occasion my blogs get personal or I blog about other subjects that interest me.  The fact that I love to write and it is something that I will admit I do well makes it easy for me to blog.

So, now it's my turn to bestow the award on those blogs I really love. Here are my favorites and I hereby give the Liebster Award to  these very worthy blogs.  Their writing is wonderful, intelligent, funny, joyous and full of personal observations that are so diverse.

Enjoy these:

      1.  The Rude Pundit
      2.  Karen Blessing's Baking in a Tornado:
      3. Michael Galvin's  truthout2prw:
      4. Susan Lerner's Booklerner:
      5. Geoff Fox's My Permanent Record:
      6. Stew Campbell's Stewsbrew:
      7. The Political Carnival:

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