Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marco Rubio isn't the one

Marco Rubio looks nice, speaks well but still tells the lies the GOP has been spouting for years. He doesn't offer much by way of original thought.  He relies on GOP sound bites and marches to the GOP handbook, despite its not being relevant to the 21st century. The GOP position is to damn everything President Obama, Democrats and non-Christians say and their narrow-minded, backward thinking will sink them.

Repeating lies long enough doesn't make them true. Bashing the middle class constantly doesn't endear you to them.  Trying to pass laws that hurt the middle class, the elderly, the infirm, children, women and generally most of the citizens in this country won't convince them you're looking out for their best interests. Up is not down and right is not left.  Right is not even right, in this instance.  How can one party be so 'against' everything that helps the majority of Americans?

The tragedy of the Republican Party is that it has become the party of rabid Christian, bible-thumping white men who pick and choose the parts of their bible which they think authenticates their perverse, misogynistic view of the world.  Those GOP women who agree with them are from a different era when women still "had their place."

The Republicans are not even a whole party anymore.  They are populated by so many Tea Party members, people who are hell bent on destroying the government, people who believe that most, if not all, of government is useless and has no place in a free society. 

The Republicans/Tea Party are not interested in what's good for the country.  Marco Rubio, no matter how he is packaged, can't salvage the savage attacks on President Obama, immigrants, women, the old, the young, the middle class.  He just can't make it all go away, regardless of how well he speaks Spanish or tries to appear as if he cares.  It's just too obvious the he and the rest of his party care only for their billionaire handlers, big corporations and getting the rest of us to pay their way.

Marco Rubio isn't the great hope for the GOP in 2016.  They are just wrong for America.


  1. Being a Brit, I had to put GOP into Google before I knew what it meant and I did the same with Marco Rubio too! This means that I have few meaningful comments to make. However I have noticed that Americans are more prone to making political comments than perhaps we would in the UK. (This is based on a small sample, so is likely to be a sweeping generalisation!)I have heard strong views expressed on both sides of the Republican/Democrat argument recently.
    I think that most UK residents would probably feel that the country survives in spite of it's politicians and that politicians at both ends of the political spectrum are as bad as each other. I rarely hear anyone expressing an opinion about David Cameron or any of the other political leaders. Most people here don't really care about politics at all.

  2. Sue: Politics here has become a blood sport. And it's the GOP (Republicans) who have made it so. There are nuts on both sides but the incredible harm perpetrated by the Tea Party nut jobs (a part of the GOP) has really put this country in extreme harm. The hatred for President Obama is not because of his or the Democrats policies. It's because he is black and that hatred is so great they are willing to see this country die rather than acknowledge that and/or agree with anything he does, even if the original idea was supported by Republicans. The GOP is simply put: hateful.

  3. I was surprised to hear the strong anti-Obama views expressed by some. I have to say that from my point of view, he looked/looks the best candidate. He seems like a man who thinks carefully and does what he says.
    My concern with the strength of your views is that there must be a lot of politicians who are Republicans and very decent poeple, who want to do the right thing. Surely they can't all be hateful, can they?

  4. I have several dear friends who are of the Republican persuasion and they are intelligent, informed and caring. I respect them and their views. They and some just like them in Congress are not part of the crazy branch of the GOP. But it's the crazy branch which gets the publicity and they have done enormous damage with their incredible hatred, bigotry, stupidity and misogyny.

  5. I guess it's the same with every group. it's the extreme members, doing stupid, thoughtless even cruel things, who get the publicity and tarnish the reputation of the group.