Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arizona Senate passes SB1062, another bigoted piece of crap

I live in Arizona only because both my sons went to Arizona State University and they decided to remain in the warm southwest after graduating.  Granted, this state is one of the most beautiful states in the nation with its magnificent scenery: majestic mountains; gorgeous deserts; incredibly amazing cactus vegetation; natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and the many, many National Parks and recreation areas.

But what's ruining the very existence of a decent life here in this state is the incredible hatred, bigotry and racism spewed forth daily by the Republican Tea Party in this state.  The latest salvo in an ongoing war with those who don't march in lockstep with this group of insanely repugnant individuals is the passing of a bill by the Arizona Senate that effectively makes it legal to discriminate against anyone whose lifestyle conflicts with their own religious definition of  "what's right."

While the bill never specifically mentions the LGBT community, it's abundantly clear that the bill was designed to impact that group through an expression of one's exercise of religion.  What this means is that business owners have the right to deny services to anyone they regard as not being in compliance with their view of religion. It also will have an impact on women who use birth control. 

I am just so outraged by this.  I want to tear my hair out at the gross inhumanity of these people.  They can yell all they want that they're just making sure that everyone can exercise their religious freedom but it doesn't take a scholar to know that these hateful, mostly Christian people want to reduce the lives of those who are different to a second, third or fourth class existence in this country.

SB1062 is a horrible, hateful, disgusting attempt to foster intolerance of and hate for the LBGT community, women and frankly anyone.  I simply cannot stand this and my appreciation for life in Arizona is just gone.  Humans are humans and if these Republican Tea Party members don't understand that, then they are less than human and should not be in a position to legislate anything.

Some examples of the craziness of this law could see a pharmacist refuse to sell birth control pills on his/her religious grounds.  Hoteliers and store owners can refuse to accommodate gay customers, Jews, Muslims, blacks or anyone they don't like, all in the name of their religious beliefs.

If SB1062 is signed into law by that craggy-faced, witless governor, Jan Brewer, the lawsuits will start flying and Arizona taxpayers will be footing enormous bills to fight this and they won't win.  This has got to be unconstitutional.  Religious rights must not trump human rights.

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