Monday, March 30, 2015

World war 3 is here, just in a different way.

World War Three:  Do you realize it has already started?  Of course it is not being fought in quite the same way as the first two.  Nevertheless, it's here.  How do I understand that the world is at war?

1.  It is a political war, especially here in the United States.  It is the decent, forward-thinking, intellectual, kind, tolerant, humanitarian, unbigoted, broadminded, enlightened, receptive, open-minded, inclusive, decent folks --  against the incredibly stupid, war-mongering, batshit crazy, lying, whining, racist, misogynistic, science-denying, fact-denying, hate-filled, right-wing intolerant mostly Christian religious zealots.

2.  It is a religious war, here and all over the world.  So many groups demanding that only their religion be followed and to hell with every other one. War, in the name of religion, has become a way of life, or more accurately, a way of death.  Religious hatred is making a comeback.  By that I mean people are using their religion to foment intense hatred of "others."  Religious hatred is a war against all those who believe differently.  Indiana's latest "license to discriminate" law is just another example of legalized hatred.  Also, see #1.

3.  It is an economic war, a war of the rich against the poor, in other words-a class war.  The Koch brothers, through the resurrected John Birch Society beliefs, have managed to buy Congress and wreck everything the United States used to stand for.  It is a war of crazy ideas that marginalize the poor, the infirm, children, seniors, women, students....just about anyone who isn't a white, wealthy, lying, cheating fat guy.

4. It is a race war.  A war of bullets and killings with impunity, here in our country and, frankly, everywhere else. A war of "Shoot the black kids," "Deport all the Hispanics," "Denigrate all who aren't white."  You get the idea.

5.  It is a war of the United States against most other countries, even our "so-called" allies who are not really allies at all.  And why should they be?  This Republican Congress doesn't have the reasoning power or the critical thinking skills to understand the damage they do just by uttering their incessant vitriol against our President (read "the black guy").  Also, see #1.

I once wanted to go up in space.  I always hoped there were other planets out there with living, breathing entities. It looks like a better alternative to living in a world that has gone mad. We're not bright enough (yet) to find them but they're bright enough to keep away from us.

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