Sunday, May 31, 2015

So, you think you " support our troops."

All over the Internet there are memes that have the words: "I support our troops" along with photos of service people, active duty, retired, lost in combat, graves at Arlington, etc.  What do those words actually mean?

How many of us say those words or share those memes, especially on Facebook?  And that's the only thing we do.  We even fly the American flag from our homes and cars, we attach red, white and blue magnetic ribbons and decals on our cars to proclaim our support.  What does that do? Nothing.

Do we actively try to find a job for a vet who doesn't have one?  What are you doing about finding that homeless veteran a safe place to stay?  Do you donate time and/or money to legitimate groups who actually do these things for veterans?  How, exactly, do you support our troops?

There are those who demonstrate their support by actively and physically doing things to make veterans' lives better.  There are those who can send money to legitimate groups who help make veterans lives better once they come home.  These people are wonderful and I'm grateful that they do what they do.

But, like Congress, if you "support" the troops when they are off fighting in other countries but don't give a damn when they come back by not electing people who will support them physically, emotionally, making sure they can get jobs, housing, benefits (that were promised), top-notch health care and education, then you don't support the troops.

Talk is cheap. Posting memes on Facebook or slapping a magnetic ribbon on your car is cheap.  Back it up with real action, physical or monetary.  But back it up.  Don't make your words ring hollow.

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