Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Let me tell you what I've learned

I've learned

- that laughter is that absolutely insatiable, most satisfying emotion, feeling, act of body-shaking, chortling, roaring, guffawing, snickering one can engage in with pure delight and happiness. And Warren provided that every day of his life.

- that when someone you love with all your heart and soul dies, they never really leave you. You hear their voice inside your head, tumbling around in conversation and you smile broadly while shaking your head in agreement and astonishment.

- that because of my beloved Warren, my life has been the best it could be. He made me whole, incredibly happy, cherished and safe.

- about intense anger at the reason he died.

- that it doesn't matter how much time goes by, grief is never-ending. There is no closure.

- the pain doesn't get any easier, it just changes with time.

- that tears pouring out of my soul can sometimes bring me a measure of comfort.

- that time is divided into before and after.

- that it's never time to say goodbye.

- that this is a journey only I can make - my way.

- that I wanted and needed him to stay forever, but he couldn't.

- that I can't hide my grief.

- that I am surrounded by family and friends who never, ever denied my feelings of utter despair and anguish, even after years have gone by.

- that our love affair continues and will until the end of time.........

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