Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I love living here in Arizona. But I'm beginning to feel like a caged bird. I came here thinking I would be able to find a job, either full time or part time. That hasn't happened given the current economic situation. And it still doesn't look good.

In the beginning, we spent time finding our way around. Did all the things necessary to begin a new life in a new place. We live in a nice neighborhood but we don't really know too many of our neighbors other than to pass pleasantries when we see them. My husband is teaching a course at the law school so he gets to interact with other people a few times a week.

I, on the other hand, spend a lot of time in the house, at my computer, editing 1000's of photos, writing my blog, answering tons of email, reading news from everywhere and generally adding to my store of miscellaneous information. My very dearest friends are all thousands of miles away so Skype, phone and email are the only ways I can keep in touch. It's impossible to plan having lunch or dinner with them (she writes with sarcasm.)

Our slowly expanding circle of friends are wonderful people. But they all live 20+ miles away from us and the mindset here is that we live too far away (like in another country) for them to come this way with any regularity. Some have been here but I keep feeling that it seems to be an imposition to invite people "down here" and so I tend not to ask.

Consequently, my interaction with other people is minuscule and my social graces are falling by the wayside.

We are a one car family which isn't too bad, especially since I have nowhere to go. But I could do some volunteer work if I could figure out what and when. I assume this situation will eventually work its way to a satisfactory solution. But in the meantime................

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