Friday, November 27, 2009


Her book is full of lies. The lies are documented but she doesn't care. She has the audacity to think she has the intellect to interview Katie Couric to "see what she's learned." I'm doubling over with laughter on that one. The woman doesn't know how to spell "intellect." The woman doesn't know what it means. The woman doesn't have the capacity to think critically. Those who love her can't come up with any reasons why they do except that "she's one of us." That doesn't qualify for leading the US. She just doesn't qualify for dog catcher, much less anything else. She is just plain creepy.

Now there is talk of that nut-job Beck going on the 2012 ticket with her. That would be the biggest gift of all to Democrats. And Lou Dobbs running for the Senate? How do these creepy, over-the edge, deranged, unhinged, nutty as a fruitcake, loopy, ditzy nuts running around with their screws loose get people to listen to them?

Another example of the dumbing down of the far Right. I know that somewhere there must be a Republican with some modicum of intelligence. That person must be so embarassed!

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