Monday, February 15, 2010


To my way of thinking, lobbying is a crime.  It has been reported that more has been spent on lobbying than investment in new plants or facilities and equipment.  Lobbyists sell out the average US citizen.  Most work for big corporations who can slide lots of money into the sweaty palms of politicians and expect something in return............ despite the protestations of those politicians that they do not give favors to those whose money they accept.  Malarky!

Politicians are supposed to be in the "public service."  That is a fallacy.  They may start out that way but it doesn't take long to get taken in by the quest for power and with power, comes money. 

I don't believe there are more than a handful of politicians who are looking out for the average citizen.  All the others are looking out for themselves, looking to enrich themselves while trying to bring pork to their districts so they can continue in office.  Congressional seats have become increasingly lucrative and the cost of running has skyrocketed.  So candidates have to get money to run from somewhere.  Selling their souls is one way to get that money.  But in the end, they are selling out this country.  This is no longer a country for the people or by the people.  It is owned, bought and paid for by money-grubbing corporations who pay very little in taxes, send jobs to other countries and just don't give a damn about the citizens.

Lobbying should be outlawed............ period.

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