Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm driving in the car, one eye watching the road and traffic in front, one eye on my rear view mirror watching the vehicle behind me...not willing to acknowledge that the driver may be driving a safe distance behind me.  Still a little spooked since the New Year's Eve crash.  I make sure I stop far enough behind the vehicle in front of me so I can see its rear tires....maybe leaving a little more space than that.

That attentiveness to driving should take up all my attention.  It mostly does but then the train starts barreling through.  Not literally, but the train of thoughts that are stored somewhere back in my subconscious: 

Why is the political landscape fraught with such venom?  Why do people kill in the name of G-d?  Whatever happened to critical thinking? What goes on in the minds of those idiots who speed while either texting, talking on their cell phones, reading maps and/or eating a meal?  Why do news organizations rely on small sound bites that become the stories themselves?  There doesn't seem to be any real fact checking anymore.  Whatever happened to originality?  Why is education, care for the elderly and the infirm and programs for the very poor always the first on the chopping block when finances have to be cut?  Why is that car attempting a left turn from the far right lane?  Why do people think they have the right to speed and not get tagged for it?

In the course of a few seconds, the train has barreled through and I am wishing I had some kind of recorder in the car so all those thoughts won't be lost and I can add them to my list of things to blog about.  I do find that the train is getting longer and longer the more I observe and listen.  Humans provide an endless collection of nutty, stupid or funny antics.  But many also pose a real menace to the earth and all its inhabitants. 

If only I could find that magic wand I wrote previously about to make all things right with the world.

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