Sunday, April 24, 2011

It never stops......

Stuff like this makes me wish Republicans would just vanish from the face of the earth:

"Foster Children Would Be Allowed To Get Clothing Only From Second - hand Stores" - from the Michigan Messenger.  Like these kids don't already have self esteem issues.

The King of Michigan, Rick Snyder does away with your elected officials...martial law?  Poor Benton Harbor....your citizens have no rights, your votes mean nothing, you mean nothing.

The rug-headed D. Trump wouldn't recognize truth if it was right in front of his ugly face.  He exaggerates. Okay,  let's call it what it is:  he lies. And he won't run because that little item about financial disclosure.......... well, he's not going to produce anything about THAT!  For more on Trump, this is a great article:

Pending legislation in Michigan would make it a crime for teachers to even speak of striking?  Ah, freedom of speech?  The Constitution?  WTF???

Christine O'Donnell, that flake from Delaware, blames a computer for mistakes in her fundraising reports.  No matter that a HUMAN has to hit the was the computer's fault???

 "Potential GOP presidential candidates racing to show they have what it takes" . This was on Huffpost.  None of them have brains so what the hell are they going to show????

Let's see.  Rethuglicans, under the little Bush, raised the debt ceiling several times to pay for unfunded mandates. Now, they don't want to play?

Why is it they are thumbing down everything they thumbed up on the little Bush's watch?  They're deceivers, liars, phonies, and sanctimonious assholes.  They have lost their sanity, you know... the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner.  They exhibit no sound mental health.  If only we could capture them all and wrap them in strait-jackets!  

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