Monday, April 4, 2011


Chase Bank blames (D) Dick Durbin for losing Disney Dream Reward Dollars.  They offer you these stupid rewards, you think you're getting something and Chase rakes in big bucks in other fees to cover those measly rewards.

Trump gets a weekly guest spot on Faux (Fox).  So, he desperately needs the money? .... and the exposure?  Idiots seem to seek the limelight.  Trump is good at that.  Maybe this is an April Fool's joke.  Trump's the fool.

Glenn Beck says Trump makes him uncomfortable.  Maybe he thinks Trump will replace him as the resident crazy on Faux???

Tea Partiers:  Yoo hoo, Tea Partiers:  This country belongs to the First People, the ones you call Indians.  It doesn't belong to you.  You stole it!  You can't have it back.  It was never yours to begin with, you bunch of thieves!  You are the illegal aliens.

More to come.....................

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