Friday, July 8, 2011


Just spent a little more than a week visiting family and friends on the east coast.  Having virtually no access  to a computer and much of my email, I decided I wasn't going to listen to the news on TV, either.  What a glorious week it was.  I didn't get outraged, my blood pressure remained normal and there were no political discussions of any kind.  All our friends are bright, intelligent non-Republicans anyway.  We do have some bright, intelligent registered Independent friends, too.  But Republicans?  Who would want to associate with that ilk? It would be like stepping into a pail of swill.

Every once in a while it is a good thing to turn off the garbage emanating from everywhere, kick back and just enjoy the genuine friendship and love humans have for life, family, friends and the serenity of the gorgeous landscapes appearing before us.  I have been rejuvenated and almost feel ready to jump into the fray of everyday life once again.

I did manage to take so many beautiful photos during that time to remind me of our week of bliss.  That should hold me for a while. 

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