Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's See Now.........

Let's see now:

Newt Gingrich is not really a "professor" as shown on his official bio. He has simply guest-lectured at something called National Defense University and to show their gratitude, they gave him an honorary title and a certificate.  He also" taught" at  West Georgia College.  True professors usually have advanced degrees in specialized fields, teach full courses, administer exams, issue grades, hold office hours, etc.  Lecturing is not the same.  Ergo, he is not a professor.  Another Republican lying and padding a resume.
And he and his wife had an almost 1 million dollar line of credit at Tiffany's?  This is a fiscal conservative who says he and his wife are frugal????

The GOP war on women:  defunding Planned Parenthood negatively affects women's health; replacing Medicare with vouchers for seniors negatively affects senior women who live longer than men; stamping out collective bargaining affects women more because the majority of teachers in the U.S. are women; abortion limits affect women, mostly poor women.  If this isn't a war on women, what is?

The conservative-laced Supreme Court screwed women workers. No surprise there.

Clarence Thomas, a closed-mouth, ultra-conservative on the Supreme Court, is ethically challenged to the extreme.  He needs to get off that bench now!

Romney says federal disaster relief is "immoral."  But he took a huge chunk of it for his state of Massachusetts several years in a row.  Hypocrite!

Tim Pawlenty wants to be POTUS but he left his state of Minnesota with a HUGE deficit. Nice going TPaw!

The Republican-controlled House has offered not a single jobs bill since they took over.  Not one.  Where TF are the jobs, Republicans?????

Social Security is NOT an entitlement.  Look at your f*$# paychecks.  Do they have a deduction for SS?  Then you PAID for it!

But wait, there's more.....................  oh crap!

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