Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GOPTP Amusing? Not so much

Besides the absolute revulsion I feel about Republicans and Tea Party nuts (especially the mushbrains running for POTUS), I find them almost amusing.  They all seem to be falling over each other, trying to slash one another at the knees, trying to one-up every statement made and kowtowing to their corporate money masters.  Not one has an independent idea, plan of action or coherent thought that differentiates them from the pack.  And the so-called Tea Party is not a party at all.  It is the Moral Majority, a part of the GOP, resurrected, only worse. 

My revulsion is obvious:  I hate that they want to make the United States a white, Christian oligarchy (government run by a group, in this case, wealthy money-grubbing white Christian men).  I hate that they want to enrich the rich (and thereby themselves because they know how to grovel so well) while kicking the middle class and the poor in the gut, ripping their hearts out and throwing them away like so much trash, all the while professing how patriotic they are.

Republicans and their Tea Party faction are the most unpatriotic, un-American, group of morons that ever has existed on the face of the earth.  They match the exact definition of Fascists.  The current crop are the most power-hungry, illiterate, contemptible, miserly, heartless, money-grubbing, group of piss-ants ever.  They should be banned from living................................................................... here in the United States.  They all represent the Idi Amins of the United States.  They are no different.   Any victory by any of them would make this country the Saudi Arabia/Uganda/Taliban country of the western hemisphere. 

The amusing part?  Every time they open their mouths, out drops words, thoughts and facts that are so mangled, misinformed, wrong, incoherent and dopey that I can't do anything else but snicker, scratch my head and wonder that the GOPTP offers these buffoons as the best they have.

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