Friday, September 2, 2011


Many believe meditation is a good way to alleviate stress.  Sitting in a comfortable place, a quiet place, in a comfortable position, wearing comfortable clothes, no one else around you, attempting to free your mind of troubling thoughts.........the elements of stress that make you crazy day in and day out.

It's hard for me to sit quietly for very long, let alone try to empty my mind of all thoughts in an effort to get to that "quiet place" of peace and tranquility.  I've tried it.  I get all comfy and quiet.  It takes tremendous  effort to even begin to clear the mind.  So, while I believe I'm not thinking of anything in particular, my mind starts the conversation with, "I'm clearing my head.  That's good.  Now what?"  Then, as I let my mind wander, the questions, like headlines, start creeping in.

"Why do Republicans, especially those running for POTUS, hate democracy?" 

"Why do they want to cut the heart out of what the United States of America stands for?"

"Why do they go after every program that helps the middle class and the poor and cut the guts out of it while protecting their enormously rich friends?"

"Why do they bow down to their corporate masters."

"Why do they tout their Christian faith and use it as a jackhammer on those who don't believe as they do?"

"Why do they want to bring this country to its knees?"

"Why do they hate women?"

"Why don't they believe in actual facts?"

"Why don't they believe in science?"

"Why do they rewrite history?"

"Why don't they have any critical thinking skills?"

"Why didn't they pay attention in school?"

"Why don't they speak in sentences that are intelligible?"

"Why do they distort the truth or repeat outright lies?"

"Why do they want to bring this country back to the 18th century?"

"Why do they want to dismantle everything that protects United States citizens from corporations who wish to pollute the earth, our food, our air and our minds?"

"Why do they not understand that they are turning a democracy into an oligarchy?

"Why don't they get it that the only thing they work with is hate?"

Unfortunately, I know the answers and most of you do, too.

Meditate to get stress-free?  Not so much!


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