Thursday, October 6, 2011

MAC - Remembering

My heart is broken.  I feel as if I've lost a friend.  How weird is that?  I did not know Steve Jobs personally.  But I was introduced to the early Macintosh at the radio station where I worked, WNLC, in Connecticut. It was my first experience with a computer.  It was cute, easy to use and did stuff that had me "o-o-o-o-ing and ahhhhh-ing" every time I hit the keyboard.  I loved it.

When it came time for me to buy my own personal computer, I was drawn to the Mac.  However, "friends" told me there wasn't enough software, I would have trouble getting programs for it and I would be better off with the "other" kind.  So, against my better judgment, I bought the "other" kind.  And I was stuck with it for way too long.  Just over three years ago I got my MacBook Pro.  I fell in love with it the moment I opened the box.  I still had to use a PC for business so I was using both, the Mac and the PC, sitting side by side.  The more I used the Mac, the more I disliked the PC.  There was no comparison between the two.  The PC became the bane of my existence.  I never could stand the dreaded warning screens, the corrupted files, all the things that went wrong.  With my Mac, I never had those problems.  A year ago, I finally was able to get everything off the PC I needed to save, and close it down.  Getting it out of my home office was exhilarating, freeing.  During the last three years I bought my husband an iMac, even though he still has to use a PC for some of the programs he uses which are not written for a Mac.

We are both "Mac" people now.  I love my Mac, I love the Apple store, I love my Apple geniuses, I love my iPod, I love my iPhone and soon I will love my iPad.

I'm going to miss Steve Jobs, for the incredible innovator that he was, for the wonderful products he brought to the world and for bringing change to the way the world works.

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