Saturday, October 29, 2011


REPUBLICANS:   The ultra-conservative SCOTUS; Citizens United; ALEC; the unethical Clarence Thomas; the Kochs; the GOP field of candidates; GOP governors; the do-nothing (on purpose) GOP-controlled House; GOP and its class warfare; voter suppression; union-busting; verbally trashing working Americans; denigrating teachers; cutting vital, life-saving services to those most vulnerable; verbally declaring war on President Obama; hating anyone who is not "Christian, white and of European descent"; not understanding the Constitution; not giving a damn about the Constitution except for the 2nd Amendment; no interest in creating jobs; no understanding of how diplomacy works; making this country into an oligarchy; wanting to kill immigrants via an electrified fence; deporting children of immigrants who know no other country-even though they are U.S. citizens; raising taxes on all but the top 1%; eliminating protections for the workplace, the environment, workers, and citizens in general by eliminating the EPA, HHS, HUD, Dept. of Education, etc; downsizing or eliminating services for veterans.

I'm sure I've left out many more parts of the definition.  Please feel free to add to this Republican terrorist list!

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