Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why, in G-d's name, don't they get it?

The imbecilic Republican House of Representatives is considering reducing Social Security raises, putting future increases in veterans' benefits and pensions for federal workers and military personnel in jeopardy.  Less people would qualify for Medicaid, Head Start, heating assistance, school lunches, food stamps, etc.  See a pattern here?  All these things benefit those in the U.S. who, without the help, will live life in misery, abject poverty, hunger and completely without dignity.

Since when has Social Security become an entitlement?  Those of us who paid into it all our working lives don't even get back that money.  The government owes it to us plus interest and what we get is a pittance.  Screwing with Social Security by reducing its benefits is theft, pure and simple.

Reducing the deficit is one thing.  Reducing it on the backs of those least able to afford it is just cruel, hateful disgusting and obnoxious.

Republicans only look out for the fat cats, the corporations, the very rich who grease the palms of Congress with so much money, that amount could probably erase the deficit.

Republicans:  the lowest common denominator of the human species who don't have a moral, ethical bone in their bodies and whose brains have been replaced with mush, rendering them incapable of understanding how the world works for everyone else.  They are a stupid, disgusting pack of wolves, drunk with power and intent on turning this country back in time, getting rid of women's rights, environmental protections, and all the good that has been accomplished in the last 50 years. 

We are no longer a democracy. Our elected representatives seem to do the bidding of a small group of people (the 1%), not what is in the best interests of ALL their constituents (the 99%). This country is becoming an oligarchy: a small group of people who have control, the money people who own Congress....the best Congress money has bought.  This country is not the best in the world.  It has become a third world country, pandering to the rich and denigrating everyone who is not white, Christian and/or rich.

The actions of Republicans in Congress will insure that the U.S. way of life becomes a tremendous burden for the 99% who don't fall into their favored categories.  Why, in G-d's name, don't they get it?

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