Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What is Romney Hiding?

Mitt Romney spent public funds to buy computers to replace the ones he used while governor of Massachusetts  One hundred thousand dollars is an awful lot of  money to spend to keep things he did while governor secret.  Why should anyone, from either party, hide what appears to be or should be public documents and records?  There are those who say Dems did the same thing:  so, are you good with the fact that politicians can hide or destroy documents pertaining to their time in office that, obviously, would cast aspersions on them?  Every office-holder has the obligation to be honest about their dealings and performance, including the dirty stuff.  So, yes, Dems did it, too.  I'm not condoning it.  But Romney is running for POTUS and everything he does or has done should be scrutinized under a microscope and torn apart if necessary much like what was done and is still being done to President Obama.

Apparently, we never learned anything from the Nixon years and the infamous "erased 18 minutes."   Trying to cover up and/or obliterate the unsavory, possibly illegal, underhanded, deceitful and downright nasty shenanigans always ends up finding the light of day, somehow, sometime, somewhere.

Romney, what you think is gone, probably isn't and it will surface just at the time you pray it won't.  So, sweat it out.  It will be back to bite you in the ass.

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