Monday, December 26, 2011

Republican reason to be

Day after day I read headlines and articles all saying the same thing.  Republicans in Congress to the American people:

"Go screw yourselves.  We will make sure you have no health care that you can afford, no money for public schools, no government programs to keep you safe from corporate polluters, not enough police to keep you safe, not enough firefighters to save your homes, not enough teachers to more that adequately teach the overload of kids in a class, no money to fix the nation's infrastructure, no nothing for anyone but the rich.  And we want to decimate the EPA, the FDA, the FAA, all the other alphabet departments, the Dept. of Education, Social Security, Medicare, and every single thing the government does to help ordinary working class citizens. And we want to regulate what women can do with their bodies, decide who can marry, legislate chemicals in your food, shove Christianity down everyone's throat and restrict your rights to free speech, the right of assembly and all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution which we'll throw out and replace with our right wing bill of you nothing.  And we're going to blame it all on Obama." 

"Cuz we got nothing to offer."

Now, have I left anything out?  Did I get it all right?  Yeah, I thought so.

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