Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today is the one-year anniversary of the Tucson shooting where 6 people were murdered, 13 others wounded and scars in the consciousness of many in Tucson, the rest of the state and country remain with those who still suffer with the memories of that tragic day. 

This morning I was reading a special report in the Arizona Republic, interviews of and about many of those wounded and killed.  One stood out:  George Morris, whose wife, Dorothy, was one of those killed.  He said he went to the town-hall meeting outside the Safeway to yell at his congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, for voting for liberal causes.  Morris, who describes himself as an ultra-conservative, blames Giffords, and her husband Mark Kelly  for not having security because Giffords had faced death threats.  He thinks both of them are, in his words, "worthless."  He said a lot of other things that don't fit in with how most caring, humane, kind, and solicitous people would view the victims and all those directly or most closely associated with the horrible events of that day.  But, I'm not surprised.

It seems the term "conservative" and all its forms now means a lack of empathy, caring, regard and kindness.  It means a closed mind.  It means demonizing everyone who doesn't share your views.  It means retaliation for perceived wrongs.  It means power to the rich and screw everyone else.  It means having no conscience.  It means shoving "my way, my religion (Christian), my decisions, my, my, my everything down everyone else's throats.  There is no listening to other opinions and acknowledging that they may have some value.  There is no room for compromise. There is no "working together" to solve problems.  There is no empathy.......... none.

There is only one way, their way.  Such closed minds, so fiendishly obsessed with gaining and retaining power, so greedy for domination, superiority and privilege, so blinded to the reality of most working class Americans.

George Morris, who suffered a devastating loss, has no room in his heart for those left behind.  There is no empathy............ none.    So sad.

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