Friday, March 2, 2012


As time goes by in this political season that I can only describe as being incendiary, I wonder why Republicans and Tea Party members have become so unbelievably unsound, so out of touch with the 21st century, unreasonable, unbalanced, unrealistic, backward, vulgar, and just genuinely miserable human beings. 

When did they become the advocates for blind hatred toward all those who either are not like them or who don't believe or agree with them?  How do they reconcile their professed belief in a small government while at the same time sticking their noses in the most private affairs of women? How can their Christian religious beliefs take precedence over everyone else's beliefs.  Why do they think theirs is the only belief system that must be followed?

On one hand, they profess to want to adhere to the Constitution.  On the other, they want to rip out the parts they think don't follow their warped beliefs.  They apparently want this country ruled as a theocracy.  I also think they don't understand what the word means.

Their disdain for education is beyond belief.  Their disdain for the rights of average Americans is beyond belief.  Their war on women is incomprehensible.  Their war on laws that keep us safe is incomprehensible.  Their war on the sick, the young and the elderly is incomprehensible.  Their war on science is incomprehensible.  They badmouth everything good that the Obama administration does

Everything that the Republican party stands for is detested by those who really love this country.  The Republican party seems hell bent on rolling back all the gains Americans have made in the last 60 years.  Women will become chattel, education and health care will only be for the rich, minorities will be discriminated against just as they had been so many years ago.  It is the way Republicans think.  It is what they want.  It is a devastating plan for the United States. 

They have twisted the meaning of much of what this country stands for:  freedom, patriotism, liberty, opportunity, equality, diversity, cooperation.  They are bigots, racists, 

We are heading toward a Taliban-like state if they ever take the reins of government.  They are a depressing group of hypocritical, misogynist nutjobs.  This country will not be a good place to live in if they get the power they seek.  It will be like living in the United States of Iran. 

Even with all this, I have hope that the American people won't let the Republicans ride roughshod over them, take away their rights, stomp on their ideas or their dreams or allow this country to go down the path to a theocracy or oligarchy.  I hope this will become a country for "the people", by "the people", and not run by the corporate masters who pull the strings of most Republican politicians.  

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