Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Transvaginal probes, essentially condoning rape by government; drug testing in order to get unemployment compensation; bills denying women's health coverage; bans on reproductive rights; voter ID laws denying thousands who have voted their whole lives, the right to vote now; killing Medicare and Social Security; war-mongering about Iran and Syria; tax cuts for the rich; Republican presidential candidates flip-flopping and lying; advocating for religious doctrine over scientific reasoning; denying proven global warming/climate change; elevating the views of the Christian religion into every political arena and over every other religion; denying those who work their right to unionize; trashing laws which protect the environment; gutting public education in favor of for-profit charter schools; denying people the right to health care coverage; obstructing everything President Obama and Democrats put forth; guns in every nook and cranny; adhering to only selective parts of the Constitution and gutting the other parts they don't like; a very small government but one that fits in a woman's vagina and sticks its nose into everyone's personal life; dispensing with all safeguards for the young, the sick and the elderly; blocking help for small businesses; bashing the LGBT community; supporting the ridiculous DOMA;  ..............AD NAUSEUM!  Everything listed is a negative.  They offer nothing positive for this nation.

The Republican party is peopled with the lowest of the low, the nastiest of the nasty, the craziest of the crazy, the meanest of the mean, the vilest of the vile.  These people have no hearts, no souls, no understanding of what it means to be humane.  They are power- hungry Christian zealots stampeding over everyone else's beliefs, unwilling to listen to reasoned compromise.  They are not just bullies.  They are the demons of politics, course, loutish, uncouth, and dangerous.  They are thieves, stealing our civil liberties, our civil rights, our dignity, our lives and they must be stopped.

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