Monday, April 16, 2012

We are all "illegal"

None of us living here in the United States is "legal."  We can't be when those who came from Europe, the so-called discoverers, actually stole all the land from the original peoples and in which we now live and declare to be the United States of America. This isn't "our country" and really never has been.  We are a bunch of thieves masquerading as "righteous owners" of land we have no right to own.  So, I'm sick and tired of tea party assholes and moronic right wing nuts jobs (read GOP/conservatives) yelling about how they want to "take our country back."  It was never yours to begin with.  Everyone living in this country with the exception of all Native Peoples ("Indians" to you disgusting, right wing, denigrating windbags) is an "illegal alien." Now, stick your nose up your ass and thank your lucky stars that you get to live guests.  And act like courteous and kind and grateful to your hosts so they won't kick you out on your fat asses for decimating their gorgeous country with your pollution and your complete contempt for your hosts and their way of life.

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