Sunday, April 8, 2012

What the GOP is about

1.  Scott Walker's quiet repeal of equal pay for women;
2.  Denying full health benefits, i.e. contraception, for women under the guise of "religious freedom";
3.  Not extending the Violence Against Women Act;
4.  Pulling federal dollars from Planned Parenthood;
5.  Voter ID laws designed to discourage the elderly, blacks, college kids, etc. from voting, all because of bogus concerns about bogus voting fraud.
6.  The GOP decimating everything that helps most Americans: wages, unemployment, Medicare, Social Security, healthcare, education, environmental protection, etc.;
7.  The GOP's gift of much lower taxes for oil companies, pharmaceuticals, corporations and the rich, placing a larger tax burden on the average American;
8.  Paul Ryan's incredibly awful budget which would elevate the deficit on the backs of the poor;
9.  Denigrating science and public education;
10.  Blaming teachers, police officers, firefighters, and their unions for the ills of the country;
11.  Still believing in the fable of trickle-down economics which never worked;
12.  Cherry-picking which parts of the Constitution to uphold and which parts to throw out;
13.  Still thinking that somewhere in the Constitution it says this country was founded as a "Christian Nation".............
14.  Reveling in their complete and utter lack of honest intellectualism about science, women, what this country is supposed to stand for, diversity, kindness, compassion, humanity, honesty;
15.  The GOP: the political party bound and determined to bring this country back to the 1930's;
16.  The GOP: a party that has no forward vision for the good of the country, only tired, old ideas from the past that don't work;
17.  Making the United States in a fascist oligarchy;
18.  GOP candidates who flip-flop on issues to pander to the right wing;
19.  GOP candidates who lie continually;
20.  GOP Congressional members who HATE President Obama and don't hide that hatred;
21.  Republicans who publicly disrespect the office of the President of the United States because there is a black man as President;
22.  Stating that their only goal is to get Barack Obama out of office.
23.  The stupidity and audacity of questioning President Obama's birthplace and his religion.
24.  Wanting to "take our country back"..from who?  the Native Peoples from whom you stole the lands???
25.  Conservative:  limit change, preserve existing conditions, inflexible, unchanging, controlling, unimaginative, uncreative, old guard, right wing........... all unflattering definitions.

Why would anyone want to be part of such a horrendous group of miserably mean, stupid, intellectually challenged, unpatriotic and vicious people?

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