Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday? Not Me!

To me, Black Friday (or Black Thursday night) is an abomination.  This year, many stores opened up early Thanksgiving evening.  I don't understand the greed of stores who just can't give their employees a day off to celebrate a day that should be spent with family and friends and remembering all the things that you enjoy and are so grateful for.

Those of us who don't shop for Christmas just sit back and watch the mayhem gleefully presented by all the news programs.  At first it's a little funny to watch the frenzy.  But when you hear of people being trampled, hurt, spat upon and cursed, it's not funny at all.

It's one thing to try to purchase stuff at remarkable bargains.  It's another to push, shove and elbow through crowds to get something for less money.

When people trample others for cheap goods mere hours after being thankful for what they already have, it's just terrible.  I can't imagine this whole gift-buying frenzied process is something people enjoy.  Hey, I could be wrong but I'm glad I'm not a part of it.


  1. I thoroughly agree, though we don't have Black Friday in the UK. Our equivalent is Boxing Day sales, but I don't recall any trampling or violence, just some crazy people spending their Christmas in tents on the pavement/sidewalk. I wonder if even these sales are losing their appeal now, as all the shops round here seem to have sales most of the time anyway!