Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Can't Pledge Allegiance......

If, on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, Romney steals* the election (*What else can I think given the fraudulent voter ID laws, the Romney connection to the voting machines, the throwing out of Democratic voter registrations, the misprinted voter information pamphlets, the incredible amount of GOP lies, and on and on...),  my head will explode, my heart will be broken, my anger will be gigantic and my allegiance to this country will totter on the precipice.

I would never pledge allegiance to a country that legislates what I can do for my own body, for my own health, which sticks it's nose in places that must be completely private and off limits, to a country whose legislative body (think GOP) thinks it can foist it's Christian religious views on every citizen through legislation (totally against the Constitution), whose elected officials (again, GOP) think that women are second class citizens and don't need equal pay for equal work, a political party who would deny many of its citizens their civil rights, who would dismantle all the safety regulations we've enjoyed for so long thereby putting our health and essentially our lives at great risk, who thinks education is only for the rich, all for the love of enriching the huge corporations who care nothing for the United States and its citizens so long as they add mega bucks to their bottom line, hide their profits offshore and refuse to pay not only their fair share of taxes but think they are entitled to pay so little or nothing because they are the "privileged."

Our Congress and our political system has been bought and paid for by those who are super rich.  They feel privileged, entitled, and righteous about lording their power over every aspect of people's lives and see nothing wrong with an oligarchic form of government that they laughingly refer to as democracy.  It is not.

And so, if Romney and his ilk get in, we are condemned to a life of subservience to the wacked out views of the GOP.  This will be a country whose shining light will have gone out, replaced by an oppressive "regime", not a country with a government of the people, by the people or for the people.  God help us if Romney gets in.

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