Friday, January 24, 2014

Apple, my Apple

So, thirty years ago today, Apple ran the first commercial introducing the Macintosh computer.  In 1987, I was introduced to the world of computers at the radio station where I worked.  I sat down and faced a Macintosh.  It didn't take long to get the hang of it and every day I learned another trick it could do.

When I decided to buy my own 'home' computer, I found very few programs that were written for the Mac and everyone told me to get that PC thing because I'd get more use out of it.  So I did.  For the next 17 years I struggled with that thing at home and in my husband's law office where I also worked.  It was great when it worked but those dreaded blue screens and warning screens, and screens that froze drove me crazy.  I had a "fix-it" guy on speed dial.  I offered to get a cot for him to sleep on in our office and promised to feed him if he'd just stay around.  It was inevitable that one or more out of the seven computers in the office would require his attention more than once a week.

When we finally decided to close the office and move out west to be close to our sons, we knew we needed a computer to take across country with us to keep up with ongoing business.  Both sons asked us to go to the Apple store (which was 50 miles away) and play with the laptops.  I did, twice and I ended up buying my first MacBook Pro.  I have never looked back.

I'm on my second one and love everything about it.  I've never had any trouble with it.  When I have questions I go to the Genius Bar and get them all answered.  I've had individual lessons on how to do things with it.  I use all the tutorials to find things out.  I love my iPhone and iPod and iPad.

I bought my husband an iMac and he has a PC for specific programs that were never written for a Mac.  When he has a PC problem and asks me to fix it (it happens often) I cringe, mutter under my breath, try not to gag, and hope that whatever I click on will clear it up.  Doesn't always work and when it doesn't I just throw up my hands and tell him to dump the PC.  His Mac doesn't give him any problems, just the PC.

I am an unabashed Apple products lover, period!  So, happy birthday (sort of) Macintosh.  You are my favorite toys!

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